There are stories that must be told, stories that can unexpectedly increase the opportunities of life after a difficult moment, in the same way in which spring revives nature after a long winter.

The stories of Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela and Gandhi, and important movements such as the one for freedom of sexual orientation, for a more efficient use of the earth’s natural resources or the feminist movement have helped to show our society the way to an endless improvement.

Such stories, personified by their protagonists, have shifted forward the frontiers of human rights, giving all men and women the possibility to express some shared thoughts; they have created opportunities where there was exclusion. In front of such stories, the world could nothing but change.

Nowadays, political leaders ask the citizens to establish a relationship with them. What does it mean? We are requested to take a clear position on the stories they embody and the way in which these stories picture the future.
Each of us has got his own criterion to decide what to do.

I’ll probably never meet Barack Obama, not even vote for him, as I’m not a US citizen. Nonetheless, I believe in the story he embodies, a story that includes an idea of universal equality; I hope and trust his idea to go on expanding and to shift the frontiers of human rights further on.
This is my relationship with Barack Obama.

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